Introduction by former PLTN President Kim Meyer

My family has been coming up to the lake since I (Kim Meyer) was 3 weeks old (give or take 39 years). Most of those years, we would park our car, intermittently chat with the guardians, and head up to our cottage.

Only recently, having become involved in the PLTN Board, have I come to understand all the inner workings of the guardians role, the marina, as well as all the other people who access our lake.

I’m sure many of you are well versed in the differences among PLTN, LTA, MLTN, Ville, Agglomeration, etc. and the roles we each play. For those of you who might not be, let me give you a brief explanation, so we all start on the same page.

PLTN (Preservation Lac Tremblant Nord) was founded in 2000, as the municipalities were faced with merging. To preserve the access to our boat-access-only cottages, members got together and purchased the land that surrounds the lac Tremblant marina, and a purchase option of the land that surrounds the lac Bibite marina, in order to ensure that we, as members, could continue to park our cars and have a place for our boats. Those of you who are members, are so because you pay annually for a spot for your boat during the summer months, whether that be a covered berth, a floating dock, a fixed dock or a beach spot, on Lac Tremblant or Lac Bibite. Your dues are then spent on guardian salary, repairs and maintenance, and other costs such as insurance, hydro, taxes, etc., as well as for a secretary (Natalie Johnson) and a bookkeeper (Jane Forbell), both part time. The management of both marinas, the staff, the budget, the repairs and maintenance, communications, etc., are all done by your volunteer Board, that you elect at the AGM. One of the basic tenets of PLTN and in fact its principal founding mandate, is the preservation of the lakes.

MLTN (Municipality of Lac Tremblant Nord). As its name indicates, it is our municipality, currently governed by Mayor Hugh Scott (a PLTN member) & Council. PLTN members are all citizens of MLTN. Not all citizens of MLTN are members of PLTN but those who are not members have lake access privileges through an annual service contract between MLTN and PLTN. Members pay taxes to MLTN and receive services such as waste management. Members also pay taxes to the Agglomeration (shared services of MLTN and Ville de Mont Tremblant) from which we receive, among other things, fire and police services, access to the Domaine St-Bernard outdoor centre, certain city parks and the beach at Lac Mercier.

VMT (Ville de Mont Tremblant) is comprised of citizens living in St. Jovite, Mont Tremblant Village and the Mountain (Station Mt. Tremblant). We share, for example, police and fire services with them, and many of their citizens access our lake or have properties on the south end of the lake. PLTN signs an annual service agreement with VMT.

 LTA (Lac Tremblant Association) is focussed on protecting the environmental health of Lac Tremblant. Membership is open to property owners on and around Lac Tremblant.

PLTN currently has a service contract with VMT that allows access for its citizens to Lac Tremblant, through the PLTN marina. These could be people who have a spot at the Federal dock, those who have homes on the lake(“riverains”), and those who wish to use the lake for the day (day users).

PLTN currently has a similar service contract with MLTN for its citizens on the lake with road access, as well as those citizens who wish to use the lake for the day (day users).

PLTN also has a contract with members of the Association des Bateaux Motorisés de Lac Tremblant, who are citizens of VMT and who moor their boats on buoys at the south end.

Through these service contracts, PLTN has an arrangement that all boats that come through the PLTN marina are verified for admissibility by our guardians, Serge Gauthier and his sons, Vincent and Antoine, who also ensure that boats are properly same-day washed. There are some boats that enter and exit the lake through other waterfront access points (commercial and private)  We are currently working diligently with both Municipalities to change this for 2017 season, to have all watercraft enter and exit lac Tremblant at the PLTN marina. This is not to maximize PLTN revenues but rather to minimize the risk of invasive species such as Eurasian milfoil entering the lake. As reported recently in the Info du Nord, at least 46 Laurentian lakes, some nearby, have already been contaminated with Eurasian milfoil (myriophylle), see the following post on Info du Nord website.

There are many players in the mix, lots of boats and various individual needs. Your PLTN board works with all of these players, and receives funding from them for services provided. Our principal interest is the protection of the environment, shorelines and water quality of lac Tremblant & lac Bibite. Many of the bylaws that we have in place are for this reason. One example is that over the past couple of years, PLTN has attempted to increase lake security by limiting access to new wakeboard boats as studies have shown us that they have a large wake that creates more erosion than other boats. We have also increased the strictness of our security with Serge and his sons, to ensure that all boats are registered with their appropriate group, follow our regulations and, most importantly, are properly same-day washed. We believe our lakes are currently at high risk of contamination from myriophylle.

Protection of Lac Tremblant is one of the fundamental mandates of PLTN and one, we hope, that our members and our neighbours on the lake will continue to benefit from for years to come. PLTN also manages the Bibite marina and is working closely with MLTN to renovate the marina and protect the water quality of Lac Bibite .