Status Report

1)     MLTN has passed a bylaw regulating a single pathway through PLTN and to ensure boats are properly washed and inspected prior to being launched at Lac Tremblant & Lac Bibite

2)     Planning for the location and design of the boat wash station is underway

3)     Application for a permit from the ministry of the environment is underway, necessary for our permit from the municipality

4)     We have asked multiple contractors to quote on the Roundhouse. We will present you the details, pricing and recommendations soon.

5)     We have put together a presentation which will act as a tool to build awareness, as well as for fundraising. I encourage you to view it as it gives you a good picture of what is going on. (Link to powerpoint)

6)     We are compiling information to create an educational package/signage to improve awareness.

7)     We have begun approaching possible donors and have had some favorable responses. If everyone donates what they can, we can make it happen in 2017.

8)     We continue discussions with the Ville, MLTN, LTA about various ways we can all collaborate to protect our lake.