Member message May 14 (English)

Sunday May 14th 2017 

Hello Member, 

We would like to formally invite you to a Special Meeting on Sunday May 21st at 11 am. 

The purpose of this meeting is to further discuss both the boat wash and roundhouse projects, provide an opportunity for those who have questions to ask them, and finally to have a vote on moving forward. 

Further details will be forwarded to you next week, prior to the meeting. 

If you cannot be there, you could nominate a proxy (see attached proxy form) or send us your feedback by email in advance. 

Here is where we are currently with both projects, spring operations, etc. 

Marina Update: 

1) As you know, the water has been very high everywhere, including Lac Tremblant. We had to close the marina as we have nowhere to tie up the boats. 

a. All the docks are under multiple inches/feet of water. 

b. There has been important damage to the 300 series and it is currently not accessible. We haven’t even been able to properly assess the damage nor its safety 

c. The floating docks can’t be installed due to the high water. 

2) Serge and Vincent are slowly recuperating. Vincent is able to work 3 half days per week and Serge is going through physio. Both have remained devoted and present despite their injuries and have been very helpful this spring. Camille has also been present on weekends and we’ve had various people helping out throughout the week. Things should return to normal in the coming weeks. 



We currently have commitments or have received funds totaling 205,000$ for the combined roundhouse/boat wash project

We have created a separate fundraising committee who are addressing the major donors (indicated below) 

Overall goal $600k for New Boat/Trailer Wash Station and Guardhouse

Mass Campaign goal $120k

 $35k received to date (30%), contributions in the $10k, $5k, $2500 and lower range 


 We’re hoping we can get all PLTN Members to make some contribution according to their means 


Major Donors Campaign goal $480k

 Looking for 2 at $100k each (we have one family to date Stephen Bronfman, so 50% of goal) 


Looking for 4 at $70k each (we have one family to date Andre Teasdale, so 25% of goal) 

 Major donors are also talking with other potential major donors. 


We have been receiving a few questions for which we want to provide clarification 

1) Members were told we had fundraised for the boat wash. Now we’re asking for more funds. 

a. In January, a donor came forward indicating he recognized the risks of myriophylle to our lake and was prepared to commit 75,000$ to ensure that we could start immediately. This donor also recognizes the importance of the combined project and therefore his funds are going towards the project as a whole, as are most of the funds we have received so far 

b. In terms of schedule, here is the structure 


Phase 1 – 200,000$ 

This includes: 

a. New drive-thru roadway, wash station then through to the launch 

b. Wash station, water supply, power supply, waste water collection and management system in accordance with Provincial Regulations, re-forestation 

c. Operator training program 

d. Start-up costs 

e. Signage, and supporting education and communication program. 


PLTN is providing the land at no cost. The design, procurement, project management, system commissioning of the watercraft wash station is being done at no extra cost by the PLTN board. 

Phase 2 – 400,000$ 

a. This includes all costs for the new guardian quarters, public washrooms, and a public access room dedicated to environmental education. 


Protecting our lake: 

As prevention is the key to protecting our lakes from succumbing to invasive and unwelcome aquatic species, the PLTN, in collaboration with LTA, MLTN and the Ville, plans on undertaking the following: 

1) The municipality of Lac-Tremblant-Nord has adopted a regulation on alien and invasive species. Note that several other municipalities throughout Quebec have adopted similar legislation. 


The Alien and Invasive Species Regulation contains two key points: 

a) It ensures that all users of a motorized watercraft wash their boat, trailer and its accessories at a wash station recognized by the municipality; 

b) It ensures that anyone who wants to put a boat on Lac Tremblant must first transit through the PLTN inspection station; 

2) In order to ensure that all watercraft and their accessories follow the proper washing process, they need to be inspected by properly trained employees. PLTN has already established an inspection station at the PLTN Marina where 90% of boats are entering the Lac Tremblant launch 

3) PLTN would like to build a full service, high pressure watercraft wash station using hot water (60°) to ensure that all boats, trailers and associated equipment are properly washed right before entering the lake. This is the best way to kill and clean Eurasian milfoil from a contaminated watercraft, trailer and its accessories. Lac Tremblant & Lac Bibite will be serviced from the PLTN Wash Station. 

4) PLTN currently has 24/7 guardians from ice out to mid-november closing. They live in a cabin at the marina, as their longs hours require their living quarters to be onsite. The current building is structurally inadequate and is no longer acceptable to the board. In order to continue to staff an inspection and boat washing station, the board must build new living quarters for their staff 

5) PLTN is discussing with various dealers what procedures could be put in place to ensure that all trailers are washed in between each use. We currently have a commitment from a few dealers that ensures that their trailers are washed in between each delivery to each lake. 

6) The VMT has put together a boat washing procedure that has been sent to the 3 accredited Mont Tremblant washing stations. There are consequences to not following the procedure 

7) Educational campaign 

a. Signs regarding the proper inspection and washing of boats will be posted at various points around the lake, including PLTN, Lac Bibite, Pinoteau and Pierre Plouffe and hopefully the quai municipal. 

b. All boats coming through PLTN will receive a pamphlet compiled by CRE Laurentides, about the risks of Eurasian milfoil. 

8) CRE Laurentides will be providing training on the following: 

a. Proper inspection of all watercraft to our guardians. 

b. Training of volunteers to monitor and detect invasive species at Lac Tremblant and Lac Bibite 

9) Ongoing concerns : 

1) Single entry point VMT 

a. VMT has not yet committed to a single entry/exit point. Currently, there are multiple private and commercial entry/exit points. We think this leaves elevated risk. 



2) Other possible contamination sources 

a. Lakes flowing in to Lac Tremblant 

i. There are multiple lakes and rivers that flow into Lac Tremblant 

b. Float planes 

i. Barkmere believes that their lake was contaminated with myriophylle by float planes 

ii. There are many float planes & ultralights that do “touch and go” landings on multiple lakes in the area (including Lake Superior which already has myrophylle) 

c. Equipment for various Lac Tremblant events 

i. Paddleboards, Ironman boats and wetsuits, etc 

d. Other watercrafts 

i. Pedalos, windsurfer boards, water toys including tubes, waterski ropes and equipment 


LTA and PLTN are working together to see what can be done about the various concerns noted above. 

Project Status: 

Boat wash 

1) Permit application submitted to Minister of the Environment for waste water treatment, as required by MLTN. 

2) Permit application to MLTN CCU for road for boat station to allow a temporary wash station to be set up 

a. CCU has recommended approval 

b. MLTN Council approval is pending 

3) All boats must be same day washed at 1 of the accredited boat washing stations. 

4) Our guardians inspect every boat coming through PLTN. We have the authority based on Ville protocol to refuse any boat deemed not properly washed. 

5) We have purchased a pressure wash unit to be able to rewash all boats and especially trailers 

6) We are preparing a cost breakdown to present to you as well as topographical information and basic design details 

7) With a full fledged boat wash, we would be able to: 

a. Inspect and wash all boats and trailers immediately before they enter the lake. 

b. We can ensure that boats are washed with high pressure hot water. 

c. We can ensure ballasts and live wells are emptied. 

d. We can provide information to all boaters about invasive species, and boat safety. 



In order to provide the services above of a boat wash, as well as 24/7 security to over 500 boats per year, the guardians must have a place to live, onsite. The current 77 year old cabin is no longer viable and would cost a lot to temporarily repair. 

1) We have finalized a concept design specification that has been sent out for final bids 

a. We will transmit you the details of the design and cost 


What you can do: 

2) Talk to your friends and neighbours about Eurasian milfoil. Prevention is our best form of protection. The more people who understand the risks, the more likely they will be to take precautions. 

3) Donate so we can make this a reality for 2017. Ask your friends and neighbours to donate. Be part of a very important project for future enjoyment of the lakes. 


PLTN is in a good position to help protect the lake. Let’s take advantage of what we can do! 

Your PLTN Board