Projects & Initiatives

PLTN has been very active with various projects and initiatives.
A few of our more recent ones can be found below.


June 18th, 2018

June 18th, 2018

Guardian House & Boat wash

Our marina is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Though mostly operating during daylight hours, this makes for very long days for our guardians. In order to continue these services, at the cost efficiency that we do, it is essential that our guardians live on-site. Not only does it increase the security by having someone present 24 hours a day, but in between boats arriving, being inspected and washed, and other services, it allows the guardians to take their breaks, eat their meals, etc, during slower periods.

The current cabin is a liability. It is about 90 years old and requires thousands of dollars every year in maintenance, just to keep it standing. It has no stable foundation, is not properly insulated, wind and rain come through the walls. Just last summer, there was a small tornado that hit the marina. Serge could see it coming up the lake, and was unsure if it was safer inside the house or outside.

This condition is not acceptable to the Board. In fact, it has been recommended by various professionals including a reputable engineering firm (formerly Genivar, now WSP) hired in 2009, that PLTN would have to, as a minimum, completely replace the foundation and make significant renovations to the building envelope. Renovations to bring it to code, to improve the building safety and integrity, new plumbing, water supply and electrics would be costly and the return on invested capital would be questionable. As we explored these options, the board felt that replacement was the most cost-effective scenario.  Given increasing annual demand for PLTN boat launch services from members, day users and the Municipalities, the Board developed a plan for a new building.  It complies with current energy efficiency standards, includes a new potable water well, all season guardian accommodation as well as a meeting space for the PLTN Board and PLTN members and/or community purposes where PLTN and members could present environmental education issues and an historic perspective of the early settlement of lac Tremblant and lac Bibite, and a new public washroom to replace the outdoor privy.   READ MORE →

Marina improvements (2016)

The main wharf had reached the end of its useful life span and was reconstructed on drilled piles connected with steel beams and overlaid with hemlock framing and decking. The new public dock’s elevation was adjusted to better access the berths and adjoining walkways, especially in high water.

Work on the series 400 berths and exterior walkways was undertaken to stabilize the structure and close the gap that was created by the 2015-2016 winter ice damage. New mid span support posts were also added where missing to help in the distribution of snow loads. A new wider and lower walkway with a safety railing was installed to access the storage lockers adjacent to the public dock access.

PLTN applied for and received a grant from the Government of Canada for 50% of the cost of this project through the PIC-150 Program.


Spring work bee (2016)

Thank you to our wonderful team of volunteers who came to the marina workbee on June 5, despite the rain. Apart from board members Paul, Bane (Louise), Rickson, Kim (Jake, Chloe, Tyler); we had members: Charlie, Hugh, Ian, Peter, Philippe (Christine) and of course Serge and Vincent.

The volunteers stained and repaired the 300 series, did some general maintenance around the marina, including a great deal of hammering nails, repainted the sign on the 200 series,  planted trees, got the new taxi boat up and running, did some general cleanup, among other things. 

Surface Water Management, Dredging & amp; additional Parking Projects

In 2012 and 2013 your PLTN Board successfully completed a $200k 2-phaseproject on budget and on schedule. This project was initiated to improve our marinas and to minimize our environmental impact on the lakes by properly managing surface water runoff, all in accordance with Ministry of Environment recommendations and regulations. We expanded and improved our parking area, renovated storage sheds, added better drainage and sedimentation basins, stabilized and cleaned up our shoreline, added a boat trailer turnaround, installed a new launch ramp and dredged over 1000 m2 of our boat parking and navigation channel. We also worked with the Agglo to widen, improve and pave the road leading downhill to the marina. Proper road drainage was also added.

In addition, improvements were made to the Bibite marina parking, drainage, boat launch and docks.

We received a lot of positive feedback from PLTN Members and municipal day-users.