Eurasian Milfoil Information

With no known predators this plant spreads very quickly, absorbing much of the oxygen and over-taking a lake and its biodiversity. Once established it is virtually impossible to eliminate and can only be managed with very costly efforts. It has significant impacts on the lake, including:

  • Negatively impacts swimming
  • Restricts boat navigation
  • Fish populations diminish
       - decreases food supply
       - decreases size and amount of fish
       - interferes with spawning
  • Property values likely to drop (Lac a la Truite residents claiming 50% devaluation)
  • Can prevent natural water flow
  • Can grow far from shore, up to 10m depth
  • Impact on tourism, Ironman event, local businesses

Nearby Lac Superior has been dealing with this for over 10 years. In an effort to control it, the population voluntarily shut down all boat traffic on the lake for 3 years. They were unable to eliminate the Eurasian milfoil.

For more information :

Download Guide Myriophylle (French)
Download Eurasian Water Milfoil Fact Sheet (English)