Protecting The Lake

The PLTN board remains very concerned with the risk of aquatic invasive species contaminating our lakes. Of the roughly 20 plant species in Quebec considered invasive, the predominant threat is from myriophylle (Eurasian Milfoil) which has already contaminated 46 surrounding lakes in the Laurentians including Supérieur, Mercier, Ouimet, Barkmere, Labelle, Carré.

With no known predators this plant spreads very quickly, absorbing much of the oxygen and over-taking a lake and its biodiversity. Once established it is virtually impossible to eliminate and can only be managed with very costly efforts.

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New Guardian House Station & Boat Wash Station Fundraiser

Support PLTN to keep Lac Tremblant free of invasive species with the construction of Roundhouse and Boat Wash station.

Fundraising goal $600k includes all-in capital costs.

Successful fundraising means new facilities in 2018.

We have successfully raised $520k so far and need $80k to complete.

For more information regarding our project, please see our presentation (English / French) or visit Projects Page.


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May 2018: Construction Begins

Week 1 Progress Report, Construction Begins! May 7 – 11, 2018

The Contractor started work on Monday May 7, 2018.

The new Guardians Residence location was set out, security fencing was erected to protect the site, the excavation was completed and good progress on the project was achieved with the foundation walls in place by week’s end on May 11, 2018.

Rapport des progrès - Semaine 1, du 7 au 11 mai 2018

L'entrepreneur a commencé à travailler le lundi 7 mai 2018.

Le nouveau lieu de la résidence des Gardiens a été identifié, des clôtures de sécurité ont été érigées pour protéger le site, les travaux d'excavation ont été complétés et les travaux de construction ont bien avancé avec les murs de fondation en place le 11 mai 2018!


Week 4 Progress Report, May 12 - June 6th 2018

Guardians Residence - Building Envelope nearing closure
Guardians Residence – Roof enclosure in progress
Boat Wash Equipment Shed – Enclosure completed


Week 6 Progress Report, June 18-30th 2018

Guardian Residence Progression
Drilling the Well

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THE Next AGM will be held on Saturday, July 20, 2019 AT 10 a.m, at the marina of Lac Tremblant Nord.

L'assemblée générale se tiendra le samedi 20 Juillet, 2019 à 10 heures, à la marina du Lac Tremblant Nord.

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